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Q - How can our hotel feature at
A - At the bottom of each page you will find a link "Nominate a Hotel" > simply click it > register or login > fill the hotel details and submit.
Please note: all submissions are verified by our editors (not robots but humans). You will received a confirmation email once your submission has been approved and is live.

Q - Where do you get your information? What is the source?
A - Our team of researchers and editors, located on five continents in more than 20 countries, obtain company information from a variety of sources. First and foremost, we ask all companies and organizations that we cover to provide information on themselves, online and offline. Many do; some do not. The information contained in our database is as accurate as we could reasonably make it. In many cases we have relied on third-party information that we believe to be trustworthy but, sometimes, were unable to verify independently.

Q - How can I contact a specific company or senior executive?
A - For each hotel (if available) you will find the full contact details (physical address, telephone, map, email, website) and a link 'Send a message' which allows you to contact the hotel directly.

Q - How are your search results ordered; is it alphabetical or just random?
A - The listing order on our search result pages are listed by our proprietary algorithm and the "Hotel Rating Index" based on a machine learning technology developed by and Hotels not yet rated or reviewed are listed alphabetically or randomly, appearing after the rated hotels. Some hotels choose to advertise with us to enjoy the many benefits (SEO, backlinks, branding, traffic, etc) of a top page position; those hotels are clearly marked "Featured" or "Advertising".

Q - I cannot find our approved listing?
A - You received an email confirming that your hotel at has been approved but you cannot find it online; where is it? With thousands of daily searches at we are using cache and content distribution technology to speed up search results therefore, even if your listing has been approved, it can take up to 72 hours to be visible online depending on your listing category and you own geo location.

Q - How can I login? Why should I logout?
A - You will not be prompted for your username and password until you enter an area reserved for registered users. You can login at any time by using the 'Login' link located in the main navigation overlay menu. You should also 'Logout' after each session. The 'Logout' link is located in the same main navigation overlay menu. Attempts to login more than once per hour without properly logging out will lead to a temporary suspension of your login.

Q - Why should I register at
A - Only registered user can review and rate hotels or submit a hotel for listing on our site.
Registration is free and by registering at you will automatically become a member of our TOP25 Club and Get VIP Benefits. We'll introduce you to people, places, and experiences - all over the globe - that are related to hotels, travel, restaurants, gastronomy, fine foods, wines, gastronomy tourism and more. And we'll help you find the most extraordinary stay experiences, insider tips and culinary hotel experiences for your next trip, all at the best available price, plus VIP perks! Sign-up from the link in the footer of every page "Join us for free".

Q - What are the benefits of advertising on
A - allows you to reach an exclusive audience in a quality editorial environment. Travelindex is a global brand with millions of visitors from every country around the world. The Travelindex ecosystem is one of the leading destination and travel content marketing network, connecting millions of travel professionals, travelers, hospitality professionals and influencers from around the world.

Q - Our business is not in the hotel, restaurant, food or wine business but we would like to feature on your website and be associated with your valuable brand and content and benefit from its strong SEO presence?
A - is human-curated, AI driven and expert reviewed and you cannot buy a listing on it. All hotels featuring on our site are assessed by our team, and only those that meet our criteria and standards will be listed. If you feel your business could fit into, simply contact us and we'll try to find and advertisement position and evaluate its merit to be listed in related categories.

Q - What is your policy on data protection regarding personal information?
A - knows that you are concerned on how your personal information is used and shared. By visiting our website or by otherwise interacting with, you agree to accept the practices described on our Privacy Policy page. Please read it carefully here: Privacy Policy