The TOP25 Hotel Guides leverage the world’s first independent rating system based on artificial intelligence (AI) combined with human expertise, the Hotel Rating Index (HRI).

The Hotel Rating Index is a multi-asset, multi-level rating and scoring technology platform that uses big data, machine learning, natural language processing and human expertise to deliver a benchmarked rating index. The resulting index is a composite of several assets indicators.

We look at the hotel and accommodation ecosystem through a multi-lens perspective, applying an objective measuring standard based on opinion mining, emotional AI, social markers, and algorithms that understand and analyze the make-up of data, and, finally, professional experts assessment.

The Hotel Rating Index asset indicators are, but not limited to:
* Review content analysis by AI
* Emotional AI & Opinion mining
* Critics and media mentions
* Social media engagement
* Social markers
* Ambience and comfort
* Location and views
* Interior décor
* Quality and choice of amenities
* Cleanliness
* Dining facilities on site
* Welcome and staff interaction
* Room size and layout
* Room service
* Overall experience
* Value for money
* History of ratings and rankings
* User generated ratings
* Online presence and footprint
* Experts assessments

At TOP25 Hotels the logical ranking is based on the Hotel Rating Index.